Being a Qatari company with global aspirations and having employees from over 30 nationalities, CGC follows a well defined value system with an open, honest, fair and transparent manner. Our profile reflects the diversity of the industry we serve. Our employees belong to a diverse range of nationalities, cultures and genders. We recruit employees from global talent pools and offer ways for professional growth to all members of society. As a company possessing employees from diverse nationalities, work cultures and expertise, we generate contrasting opinions and worldviews through mutual interaction and information sharing. Combining all, we share and develop new ideas, methods and perspectives to drive better results for our all stakeholders.

In order to better serve our valued clients, we actively foster inclusivity across business domains and company offices, and encourage employees to focus on their commonalities to act positively and deliver innovation.

We are an equal opportunity office and promote a gender-sensitive work culture. Women constitute a sizeable strength in our ever-growing workforce.

Caring for women, we keep extending whole-hearted support to various women-centric events and activities, be it Women Mini Marathon or discussion forums. Qatar’s two prominent woman’s magazines – Woman Today and The Woman – have been getting our continuous backing so as to promote, recognize and reward the creativity of the other half of the society.


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