Wednesday, February 01, 2012
  CGC clinches another vehicle tracking system deal  
  1. Gabriel D’mello, Senior Manager – TETRA & AVLS, CGC, Thaer Sadeh, AGM, Khazanah Trading, exchanging AVLS contract


The technology will enable the home solutions provider to monitor and keep track of the fleet of its sales and delivery vehicles.

Consolidated Gulf Co. (CGC), the leading ISO and OHSAS certified technology and engineering company, has signed a contract with Khazanah Trading & Decoration company, to offer Automatic Vehicle Location System (AVLS) to monitor and keep track of the fleet of its sales and delivery vehicles.

The agreement was signed by Gabriel A. D’mello, Senior Manager – TETRA & AVLS, CGC, Thaer Sadeh, AGM, Khazanah Trading, in Doha recently.

A real-time vehicle tracking system, AVLS combines GPS technology, cellular communications, street-level mapping, and an intuitive user interface to provide a continuous position and velocity of a moving vehicle for complete control. 

Besides offering technical and service assistance in the AVLS system, CGC will also provide training to Khazanah staff to track, monitor and manage their fleet of vehicles.



The AVLS will give the user access to reports on vehicle location, movement, over-speeding, misuse, geo fencing and other violations. Any misuse of the vehicle would be eliminated, besides ensuring safety of staff. Through the AVLS, Khazanah can effectively enforce total compliance to the pre-defined routes and destination. 

On the occasion, Thaer Sadeh, said,” In the industry like ours where delivery and installation of built-in closets, kitchen cabinets and other accessories are done, the need to eliminate the wastage of time is the key to success. With AVLS, we can track, monitor and manage the delivery and installation vehicles to increase efficiency and optimize per day trips by each vehicles for transportation of goods to valued customers.

Anil Mahajan, COO, CGC, said, “We are fully committed to provide our valued client the highest level of tracking competency, services and customer satisfaction. Adding another client reinforces our commitment as a trusted local technology and engineering partner and facilitator in helping customers accelerate their productivity and minimize delay without affecting timeline.”

The AVLS system, consisting of a GPS tracking unit, a two way communication link between the tracker & the user & front-end user-friendly mapping software for tracking, monitoring and controlling the vehicle, has many excellent features, including Satellite vehicle location, tracking and mapping in real time, instant data transfer on vehicle position and status, geo-fencing - vehicle monitoring within or outside defined regions or routes, automatic alerts on over-speeding, towing, geo-fence and route violations,  optional temperature and fuel monitoring, navigation by external Laptop or Desktop, customized Graphic User, driver management tool – complete details of driver name, license details, visa expiry, vehicle number - among others to support users in complete vehicle management and tracking.


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