Ministry of Municipality & Urban Affairs  
  Being a leading technology solution provider, CGC is perfectly placed to serve the Ministry of Municipality better. Its Sepura TETRA communication system is helping us a lot in handling different responsibility at the large Garbage Dump yard sites which are located at different corner of the country.. With high-tech TETRA radio sets, we have been able to coordinate and link with our staff easily any time. Since it’s a very fast, efficient and easy to operate advance communication system, TETRA radios have proved to be of big help for us, especially to communicate quickly during emergency operations at the  sites. They have definitely facilitated and made convenient for us to improve, enhance and increase further our service level. Sepura TETRA communication system is certainly an essential communication tool for the our Waste Management industry.  
  COMO Construction  
  We are finding TETRA radios very handy to coordinate among engineers and operators in the construction of the Different Sites , , one of the biggest projects based at the Industrial Area, These radios are safe, even if you operate near various sensitive equipments being used in the construction. As our project site is vast, we are using Sepura TETRA radio sets supplied by CGC to remain connected. CGC’s highly-skilled personnel are fully taking care of our after-sales requirements as well.  
  Marbu Construction  
  With its vast experience and expertise, CGC is fully capable to meet the Construction industry’s vital communication needs. Its Sepura TETRA system is helpfull in handling different responsibility at  all of our different Sites Located and the Extreme Distances from the City . The TETRA radios have become a crucial boarding tool for the our sector, as they are handy in smooth coordination between our Supervisors and Work Force ,and also Specially for the Tower Crane Operations , Its fast, efficient and easy to operate qualities are an asset for the Construction industry, especially during emergency work at the Construction Sites.  




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