Large Onshore and Offshore plants and processing facilities constantly undergo modifications and upgrades through revamp projects and regular plant change requests (PCR’s). More than often 2D/3D Master Engineering Records and Asset registers are not updated and maintained to reflect the true as-built status. This has left many major Owner Operators facing the problem of non-availability of up to date engineering records of their live assets and hence CGC has developed a range of services for the acquisition, creation, updating and maintenance of as-built data.


Need for As-built data

  • Safety is a major driving factor for maintaining as-built data. Hazardous Area Classifications and Escape route designations and plans can quickly become out of date and ineffective if not based on up to date as-built data.
  • Effective maintenance and management of plants/facilities cannot be undertaken without the latest as-built data and asset registers. Operating manuals, plans and preventive maintenance procedures must be constantly updated to remain useful.
  • EPC contractors require as-built data for retrofit and revamp projects in order to efficiently undertake FEED and design projects for the upgrade or modification of existing brown field facilities and to ensure a clash free design
  • Up to date as-built data is often a mandatory requirement  for companies going for ISO 9000 status or for companies governed by regulatory bodies


  • Data Gathering, Consolidation, Optimization  & Analysis
  • Engineering Review & Mark-up
  • Drawing updating & standardization.
  • Updating or P&ID’s and Asset Registers
  • 3D Model creation and updating
  • 3D Model format conversion and data integration
  • Detailed site validation surveys
  • 3D Laser Scanning surveys
  • As-Built Inspection & Certification
  • Change Management and As-Built Records Maintenance

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