Amid dwindling bottom lines and spiraling costs, the healthcare industry is accosted with a spate of challenges such as:

  • Stifling Statutory regulations
  • Physicians compensations not satisfactory
  • Increase in the Healthcare expenses
  • HIPAA regulations
  • High energy costs
  • Lack of adequate manpower & skill sets required for reports, analytics & implementation of disease management
  • High dependence on charities & donations for medicare assistance to patients
  • Loss of over USD 20 billion in write-offs due to the absence of any standard policies & procedures in billing and collections

CGC provides assistance to healthcare providers through strong compliance programs and improved technology, finance and revenue cycle efficiency and effectiveness, resulting in improved operational performance and lower costs.

CGC’s team of subject matter experts understands the challenges faced by healthcare providers. Our professionals help providers achieve growth and profitability through effective risk management in the following areas:

Services for Newspapers and Magazines

  Marketing Intelligence and Analytics:   Patient Access Services:
  • Medical-clinical content analysis
  • Patient base analytics
  • Utilization and pay for performance analytics
  • Benchmark reporting
  • Legal & mandatory statistics for the Regulatory Reporting
  • Pre-registration
  • Insurance Verification
  • Scheduling
  • Title XIX advocacy
  • Financial Counseling
  • Patient financial responsibility determination
  • POS collections
  • Patient registration
  • Patient access quality assessment
  Revenue Cycle Management:    
  • Payment reconciliation
  • Payment posting
  • Payment tracking
  • Denial posting and management
  • Refunds
  • Provider data updates
  • AR analysis and follow-up
  • Insurance / Self pay follow-up



Healthcare Payers Solution
Though it is the earnest desire of every payer to enhance the quality of services they offer, the reality today is different as each day throws up a new challenge. The payers focus on various solutions to reduce the administrative costs, enhance the efficiencies, streamline the business and manage the healthcare costs.

Some of the measures taken by the payers to face these challenges are as follows:

  • Fraud Reduction
  • Healthcare Cost and Administration
  • Continual Administrative Cost Reductions and Operational Efficiencies
  • Adopting the latest Technology Platforms
  • Changing Consumer and Retail Model
  • Medicare Modernization Act
  • Health Information Networks
  • Digital Health Records
  • Better Healthcare Document Management

CGC’s service offerings for the healthcare payer and provider industry reflect our deep understanding of industry business needs. We offer comprehensive healthcare BPO / Call Center services out of Qatar and the US to meet the needs of our clients in an efficient and cost effective manner.


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