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Telecom companies face many challenges such as market saturation, slow uptake of new services and the economic recession forcing them to cut costs and improve efficiency.

To excel in such environment, telecom companies require solutions that can help them tackle the deregulation process and streamline business processes to improve quality and increase efficiency, and strengthen relationships with clients and partners.

CGC offers comprehensive SCM solutions to meet the specific Supply Chain needs of the telecom industry:

  • Fragmented supply chains: Far from the days of the vertically-integrated monopoly of the past, today’s typical Telecom supply chain is a highly fragmented global operation where multiple enterprises (and supply chains) must collaborate to design, develop, and deliver a coordinated experience.
  • Multiple products and levels: For end-users, the product is becoming an ‘experience’ that is based on the delivery of voice, video and data as an integrated package across mobile and fixed infrastructure, which if deconstructed, reveals multiple layers of hardware, software and services.
  • Returns and refurbishment: As handsets become more complex, consumers may return working units that - with minor updates and/or spares can be put back into the field. These processes represent huge cost savings that offset increasing warranty costs.
  • Obsolescence costs associated with piling inventory.

Our solutions boost company’s ability to meet increasing demand, bring down costs and inventory levels and increase the overall competitiveness.

  Supply Chain Planning
  • Forecasts for supply & demand
  • Forecast on distribution, production & transportation
  • Comprehensive and POS data
  • Best Cost Country
  • SourcingSpend Analysis
  • Supplier Research
  • RFX Management
  • Contract Management
  • Accounts Payable Support
  • Planning
  • Return Material Authorization
  • Transactional Processing
  Data Management
  • Product Data Management
  • Vendor Managed Inventory
  • Supplier Managed inventory
  • Audit
  Logistics Support
  • Order Fulfilment
  • Order Processing
  • Return Material Authorisation
  • Track & Trace


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