Many engineering organizations today seek both the flexibility to obtain human resources as and when needed and the ability to "gear up" for projects that require specialized application skills that are outside their 'primary" capability and/or focus area.

CGC's staff augmentation services can help you launch your projects quickly and mobilize faster with the appropriate skill-sets and technical experience that accelerates the project initiation phase and allows the core Project Management Board/Team to concentrate more on establishing the correct execution approach for their critical project(s) which help a long way in minimizing the delivery pressures, quality & safety concerns and more importantly, the cost and time required for in-house training and skill development.

We have an established team of 110+ skilled Engineering, 2D/3D CAD resources that are trained on a comprehensive workflow & methodology and a variety of industry standard 2D and 3D Engineering Design/Modeling systems such as AutoCAD, MicroStation PDMS, PDS, AutoPlant, LFM Modeling Suite and INOVx RealityLinx etc.

Depending upon the resource outsourcing model preferred by our clients, CGC can rapidly mobilize the required number of trained and experienced Engineering, 2D/3D CAD personnel to work under your direction to satisfy your compelling project requirements and maintain the desired level of flexibility to fulfill the staffing needs as suitable to your project timelines.


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